About Taxation Services

Few people have the time to keep up with new complex changes in statutory requirements. If you don't know of the latest developments, you could be paying more tax than you have to or less tax than you should and therefore risking penalties.

Direct Tax

Our specialized tax professionals have the experience and expertise to help you:

  • In tax planning
  • Minimise your tax exposure
  • Maintain tax records and ensure compliance with income tax regulations
  • Liaise with the relevant revenue authorities.

Our tax professionals provide comprehensive business solutions through a wide range of services. Our approach is to provide proactive planning and advice, and tailored assistance. We keep you in regular contact and have an extensive database of information on tax related products.

We provide tax compliance services in the following areas:

  • Preparation and filing annual tax returns for corporations, partnerships and individuals
  • Tax review of financial statements and giving appropriate tax advice
  • Preparing tax computations
  • Computing tax payments and pursuing tax refunds
  • Filing end of the year PAYE returns
  • Lodging objections for incorrect assessments

We have skilled and experienced professionals who are exposed to and specialize in a wide range of complex tax matters, including:

  • Disputes with Revenue Authorities and arbitration process
  • Appeals to the Local Committee and the High Court
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • International corporate tax planning (offshore and onshore trading)
  • Tax planning for owner-managed business
  • Tax due diligence reviews
  • Transfer pricing and tax effects
  • Remuneration planning and salary structuring for tax efficiency
  • Payroll management
  • Corporate tax health checks
  • PAYE health checks
  • Withholding tax health checks
  • Personal tax planning
  • Handling inspection and audits by the Revenue Authorities
  • General expert tax advisory and consultancy

VAT Planning

An area of VAT that many companies neglect is planning. Our VAT specialists assist clients in planning VAT matters, specifically in:

  • Enhancing input tax recovery
  • Local purchases
  • Local sales
  • Imports and exports
  • Stocks control
  • Billing
  • Payment for supplies
  • Inter-company transactions
  • Promotions and marketing
  • Benefits to staff
  • Accounting records and procedures

We offer clients practical planning ideas that greatly enhance cash flow management and input tax recovery.

VAT Audits & Investigations

VAT audits and investigations by the Revenue Authority are on the increase. Most companies find these audits disruptive and inconvenient. In many situations, companies find themselves in difficulties as a result of providing inadequate or misleading information to the Revenue Authorities or giving appropriate information but in an inappropriate manner. We assist our clients in handling the audits and investigations, thereby ensuring that they are conducted in the least disruptive manner. We also ensure that, where possible, all issues raised by the Revenue Authorities are resolved in a timely manner.

VAT Refunds

The law requires that all VAT refunds claims, exceeding certain limits, be audited by certified accountants. Our VAT specialists undertake such audits for the benefit of our clients. As part of value adding, we advise on the most beneficial ways of accounting for VAT and other activities that the company may require to undertake to ensure speedy payment of refunds. We liase with the VAT department to ensure that there is no undue delay in remittance of these refunds.

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