About Payroll Administration

Our clients especially value the confidentiality and efficiency of our payroll service.

They have demonstrated this by entrusting us with the management of payrolls for hundreds of staff, from top management to low cadre personnel every month. Using one of the most advanced and flexible yet secure computer payroll systems available today, our payroll service is designed to be a single-step solution that can limit your payroll work to submission of the monthly input data and the payroll funds to us. We then do the rest

Our work most commonly includes:

  • Preparation of payroll, pay-slips and payroll reports
  • Preparation of remittances
  • Issuing of payroll cheques and transfer instructions
  • Administration of pension schemes
  • Design of tax efficient emolument packages
  • Liaison with statutory authorities and registration of new employees
  • Filing the year end returns with statutory authorities

Mugo-Mungai & Co., LLP Company Profile